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"When you write a song that sounds really good you think 'surely it must be someone else's'."

Buzzcock Pete Shelley's wry spin on the peculiar art of songwriting has a special poignancy for Chad Gilbert from Floridian rockers New Found Glory. Although Gilbert writes original stuff, he admits it is rarely on his own instrument.

Chad Gilbert:
"I write the most songs on other people's guitars," chuckles the affable guitarist on the phone. "But if I feel like sitting down with my guitar and forcing it, it never works like that for me."

Whilst most musicians are content to knock out a few riffs on the couch, Gilbert, is, creatively speaking, more at home in someone else's home.

Chad Gilbert:
"It's really weird but I'll be at a house somewhere and there'll be a guitar there and I'll pick it up and write a song," he says. "Or even in a music store, if I pick up a random guitar I always write riffs really easy. It's a weird way that songs come out."

It's a quirk that has worked well for Gilbert and New Found Glory, notably on the band's sixth album, 2009's Not Without A Fight. Their debut for Epitaph Records after a decade signed to major labels, the record was overseen by producer Mark Hoppus (Blink 182).

Chad Gilbert:
"He and (Blink 182 drummer) Travis (Barker) own a pretty big studio together in the valley," explains Gilbert. "Travis does a lot of his hip-hop remixes there in one room and Mark uses the other.

Chad Gilbert:
"We had the album already written so Mark pretty much let us do our thing and just guided us in the right execution. We came to an agreement with Mark that we wanted to record these songs in a simple way, for a more live and energetic-sounding record."

Released in February, Not Without A Fight continues the quintet's consistent line in light-speed hardcore and Green Day-style power pop while also addressing their migration to Epitaph.

Chad Gilbert:
"We were coming in to signing with a new label and dealing with people and it was an exciting time for us," says Gilbert. "So the drive was definitely there and writing this new record was pretty easy.

Chad Gilbert:
"We have a lot of die-hard and loyal fans and they've stood by us for so long. We knew that whoever we signed to our fans would stick by us because as long as the songs were there we were going to make the same record regardless of who we signed to."

Earlier this year, New Found Glory undertook a 42-date US tour to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their self-titled debut, and to also tip their collective hat to what has become a long-standing solidarity - all five band members have stood together since NFG's inception in 1997.

Chad Gilbert:
"We're all very honest with each other," surmises Gilbert on the band's longevity. "We argue and we fight like any band but I think the fact that we're all fair with each other makes it easy for the band to still be around with the same members."

Still recovering from a recent thyroid operation, the guitarist says he only has to look at veteran punk icons Bad Religion - who formed a year before his birth in 1981 - for motivation.

Chad Gilbert:
"It's awesome and it's inspiring that they've been doing it for so long," he says. "We love what we do and we don't plan on ever changing it so we hope we can be like them and still tour down the line."



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