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New Found Glory - New Found Glory




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Label:Drive Thru
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NFG is staying gold. Their new self-tiled release, is a big step up from their first release Nothing Can Stay Gold. The production is great (due the fact they had ample time and money to record). You will not find one mistake in the sound of this album, but some people may not like the over-produced sound. This is where I disclose some recording secrets, that were obviously used. A lot of singers can't stay in the right key, or maintain the correct pitch. Jordan Pundik is no exception, but they fixed his errors with vocal processors (note the digital, pitch shifting effect on the notes he would have missed on their first full-length). Now that I'm past, the rip-the-cd-into-everything-bad part of this review, you will find out this is one of my favorite cd's of 2000. NFG is the bread and butter of pop-punk. They will undoubtedly become a staple, because of their unique blend of styles (pop-punk, emo, hardcore). There is something on this CD for everyone. If you don't find yourself singing along or yelling go's and hey's, something is wrong with you. This is a must buy.

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by Dave Norman 11/11/2001 0:00:00

Yeah, this cd is not all it's cracked up to be. Go buy Nothing Gold Can Stay, it is a much better record. The main thing that pisses me off is that they re-released Hit Or Miss just so they could make a new video for it. Also, the lyrics just plain suck on this album, it's like he's a freaking psychiatrist, no longer talking about his own problems he nitpicks others relationships. I was very let down with this record.

by Bill Pullman 1/10/2002 0:00:00

Just remember 'Nothing Gold Can Stay'. This statement also applies to NFG's music. So why not sell out while the pussied out punk rock music is the trend these days? Unfortunately i couldn't give this album less than one star.

by Dillon 6/14/2003 0:00:00

It's a shame that this is somehow in the same musical genre of Black Flag, Ramones, Dead Kennedys etc.. and the same one that stands for so much that isn't represented at all by these pop bands bearing the name of punk

by Calvin cole 3/9/2005 0:00:00

i enjoyed this album!!! only because my girlfriend dumped me when it was such a loner LMAO....

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