Zero Down - With A Lifetime To Pay

Zero Down - With A Lifetime To Pay




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Label:Fat Wreck Chords
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Zero Down is the latest band to have joined the Fat Wreck Chords big family, they come from the Los Angeles area and these three guys formed a kind of super-band, as the singer Jim used to play bass in Strung Out and still plays for Pulley, drummer Milo was a member of Down By Law, and although this band is a trio they do not play pop punk, but So-Cal skate-punk, all played with the consciousness that the members have different musical influences, from the 80's L.A. punk music bands like Bad Religion, Social Distortion and Adolescents to reggae, hip-hop and even jazz. The idea to start a new band came to Jim at the beginning of 2000 and as he said, I formed Zero Down because I've always been a fan of music. So many rockstars types write songs for so many wrong reasons. My favorite songwriters are fan of music and I'm still a fan. What better presentation could a musician give? And in fact their debut full length - With A Lifetime To Pay- feels like a record made only for the pleasure of music. Anyway, unlike most of the straight ahead punk acts of today, Zero Down mixes both slower rhythm and faster parts, with a great attention for the total mixing of drums, guitars and bass, so that the 13 songs seldom sounds boring. The sound reminded me as a kind of attempt to recapture the sound that Pulley created in their first record Esteem Driven Engine and also in their latest Epitaph album, as Zero Down plays with a lot of melody , although writing about less introspective issues that characterized Scott Radinsky unique ability; and this attempt is shown also in the way of singing of Jim that is very similar to Scott's. The tunes are more or less all on the same level, if you like the genre they are all good, there isn't a kind of radio hit, but some songs as The Way It Is, Bite the Hand That Feeds and Going Nowhere ( whose intro is very similar to a Pulley song ) deserves to be nominated as most clever ideas.

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by Dave Norman 12/24/2001 0:00:00

Not that great. Rather repetetive but it might please some hardcore Pulley fans.

by danno 1/10/2002 0:00:00

This album put me to sleep. Nothing original, nothing new, nothing great. Repetition at its finest.

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