Weston - The Massed Albert Sounds

Weston - The Massed Albert Sounds




Released: N/A
Label:Mojo Records
Added: 2012-12-15



When Weston went into the studio to record this album (the group's sixth album and major label debut) they strived for one thing: nonperfection.  Weston actually went into the studio with a mind set that they would not do more than two takes per song.  With this approach you would think taking a listen to this new album would sound very sloppy and unprofessional, but I'm here to tell you are wrong. The Massed Albert Sounds is nothing like anything else you'll hear this year.  As in Radiohead's Kid A, this is a great album to listen to with headphones.  Much more experimental than past albums, The Massed Albert Sounds incorporates many new features like keyboards, bells, and triangles.  All of these instruments blend in perfectly togther. There is a whole wide range of influences/sounds with this recording.  Kiss Like An Angel and Wonderdrug come off as sleepy emo tunes, while I Just Quit Rock And Roll and Liz Phair are straight up fun pop songs worthy of anyone's attention.  Weston is very heavily influenced by post new wave rockers, The Pixies. One of my favorites on here, To Some I'm Genius shows just how much different and how much this band had progressed over the years.  In the first 30 seconds there is this solo keyboard part that sounds like its straight out of Zelda: Octrine Of Time for the Nintendo 64, its really cool.  The keyboard part leads into the drone of heavily distorted guitars that gets your heart racing. With this release Weston is shying even more away from their punk rock roots and taking more of an approach into a more experimental rock sound.  While some long time fans will shun away with disgust, Weston is just doing what any great band does.  What are they doing here?  They are maturing and only getting better.  The truly great, artistic bands have all done this, progressed their sound and have gotten nothing but better with time.  The Massed Albert Sounds is the latest chapter in Weston's great career.

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