Valencia - This Could Be A Possibility

Valencia - This Could Be A Possibility



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Valencia formed less than two years ago by Philadelphia natives Shane Austin Henderson (vocals), George Ciukirescu (bass), Max Soria (drums), JD Perry (guitar), and Brenden Walter (Guitar), after being in some previous bands. Their new project is named Valencia and let me say everyone will be hugely blown away by these kids. If you think you could not find a new, interesting power pop punk disc this year, wait till you listen to This Could Be A Possibility. It all becomes clear when you listen to the opener The Space Between and the following Que Sera Sera, the two best anthems to open the CD. Then, for 32 minutes you get the best, most catchy and fun disc of the year for sure: songs like The Closest I Am To Living Life On The Edge, Eagle Mount Drive and Three Thousand Miles are singaloning anthems of catchy hooks, powerful guitar riffs and harmonies. Think of the melodies of The Starting Line, the techincal aggression of Rufio and the catchyness of Blink182, then you get VALENCIA. The disc does not live a dull moment, since it is fun from the start to the end: Away We Go is the last tune and still rocks.

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by Ray Staley 9/21/2005 0:00:00

This band is for real !!! I've heard two cuts This could be a possibibilty & The space between and the band was tight. Shane Henderson's voice is unique !!

by Shan!!! 5/5/2006 0:00:00

I love Valencia! They are awesome musicians, the sweetest guys and they're just awesome altogether. VIVA MI VALENCIA!!!!!! <3 x infinity

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