Unwritten Law - Here's To The Mourning

Unwritten Law - Here's To The Mourning




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Label:Lava Records
Added: 2012-12-15



After a great career in the South California skate punk world, Unwritten Law is back with their Lava Records debut. The previous release of Elva really gave to this five guys a mainstream success, thanks to the smashing hits Up All Night and Mean Girl. The Lava debut was actually ""Music In High Places"", a solid all acoustic album released live in the Yellostone park for some Mtv series. Anyhow, after sharing the stages with the likes of Pennywise, Nofx and Lagwagon, the San Diego quintet did not gain the same success of hometown friends Blink182. While Blink182 were jumping on the charts with Enema Of The State and radio hits as What's My Age Again? and All The Small Things, this band was releasing one of the most under-rated punk album ever, their Self titled disc. It was a all black record and it had awesome tracks: too bad not a lot of people realized how it was a great disc. So, I was saying, Unwritten Law leaves Interscope Records for Lava and release Here's To The Mourning. Older fans will maybe be wishing that the good old times of Blue Room and Oz Factor will be back, but with the sixth release from UL, I can guarantee no one will ever regret the old days. The band starts with a new line-up, with the new drummer Tony Palermo (ex Pulley, The Jealous Sound); anyhow it's not thanks to him that the music is still growing. The evolution of Unwritten Law is clear in any of their record, from faster punk songs about girls, to pop influenced rock songs with acoustic parts, electronic influences and more experimentation; and of course, Scott Russo's unique voice that makes you say hey this is Unwritten Law on the radio!. Now, the new full length album is filled with good tracks: sofisticated, unique, original fusion of rhythms, pop and punk rock that every lover of harmonies and melodies will be able to enjoy. Still evolving compared to Elva, the new disc is more direct, fresh, pissed and darker: the fact that the guys worked with Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) and Josh Abraham (Velvet Revolver, Staind), makes ""Here's To The Mourning"" a 12 track masterpiece of quality music, where you hear mainstream catchy pop tunes as Save Me, and even dancable pop punk anthems as Hide Away, filled with electronic beats; from the sweet pop notes of Because Of You to the hardcore guitars of I Like The Way and Lost Control, the record leaves no space for not wanting to dance along. An original disc, different and original, that has got the ambition to be the missing link between first 90's melodic hardcore and modern rock for the masses.

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