Tiger Army - Power Of Moonlite

Tiger Army - Power Of Moonlite




Released: N/A
Label:Hell Bent
Added: 2012-12-15



Before putting this CD ( the second Tiger Army album, after the S/t debut) in the player I did not have any idea of what I was going to listen to: from the pasteboard covered booklet I read that artists that took part in the making of this CD were, among others, Davey Havok from AFI and Son Of Sam on vocals, Lars Frederiksen and Matt Freeman from Rancid on guitars and vocals, so, I did not know if I had to expect a kind of goth hardcore influenced album or street punk music. I then realized from such songs as Towards Destiny , Incorporeal and Power Of Moonlite that Tiger Army mix completely those two genres, with hardcore voices ala AFI but also some rock n' roll/punk music in the vein of Rancid in pure HellCat style. Talking of the band, it is formed by three members who have been in other bands too: drummer London Mayplayed played in both Samhain and Son of Sam, upright bassist Geoff Kresge played in the already mentioned AFI, while singer Nick13 was in a band called Influence 13 in which there were also other AFI members. It's all about AFI almost! I do not have any advice to give to anyone, I personally found this album a bit boring yet good, although it has some turn on songs like Grey Dawn Breaking or the jazz-rhythmic Cupid's Victim, but in general I'd say that AFI fans should get this. Oh yeah, and Rancid fans too!

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by Jake 12/1/2001 0:00:00

that was a fucking retarded review. way to mention the music, man. i gues s being a true punk isnt about music, though, its about attitude. but this site is the least punk thing ive ever seen if thats what you believe. anyway, for those interested: the album sounds nothing like any of AFI's stuff, and very very little of either Rancid or Lars Frederickson and the Bastard's stuff. its much more "hellcat" than any of them. its kind of rockabilly in style. the bass is badass because the upright bassis is really good, as far as upright bassists go. guitar is done really well. to give an idea of it's sound, think of the second part of the solo in Time Bomb (if you dont know what im talking about then you shouldnt be listening to Tiger Army anyway). vocals are daaaaamn rockabilly, except for the few parts with Davey Havoc. the album really isnt boring it all, it just rocks. anyway, i didnt wanna review the album, i just wanted to say that the reviewer is an idiot and he doesnt know shit about music other than what his shitty opinion of it is. "its boring" and a summary of the band members pasts is not a review. remember that fucker.

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