The Showdown - A Chorus of Obliteration

The Showdown - A Chorus of Obliteration



Released: N/A
Label:Mono Vs. Stereo
Added: 2012-12-15



Holy Mackerel! The Showdown is one of [insert synonym for ""brutal"" here] Christian melodic metal bands that I’ve ever heard, and that’s no exaggeration. Much in the same way that non-Christians don’t care that Zao & Living Sacrifice are Christian, similar feelings will come about after listening to ""A Chorus of Obliteration."" These guys have an ultra thick, crunchy guitar tone that sounds quite similar to Metallica’s guitar tone on ""Master of Puppets."" The riffs that these guys come up with are really quite traditional thrash metal, sounding like updated versions of classic Maiden stuff (they also sound a lot like Enter My Silence’s guitar riffs). The vocalist is a really powerful barker, and he can sing, too, as he does from time to time. Some fans of Christian metal may liken The Showdown to early Underoath stuff, thanks to the vocalist. My only gripe with these guys would be how buried the drums are. He’s doing some really awesome stuff, but it’s hard to hear him! Overall, though, I must say that these guys rule, period.

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by Miller 1/15/2005 0:00:00

I've met and talked with these Southern boys on several occasions, and not only are they ridiculous musicians, but the are awesome people as well. The ONLY thing that I do not like about this CD is Josh Scoggin's (Norma Jean, the Chariot) guest vocal. Sorry guys, I hate the Chariot. That being said, this album is simply mind blowingly brutal, fun, and awe inspiring. The lyrics are some of the best epic-battle type lyrics I've ever read. The music, while not incredibly original, is nonetheless played with exacting precision (with the exception of the drums, which are slightly off at times). Anyway, if you love metal, get this CD, better yet, see them live!

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