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There's no better example of living the rock musician's dream than Matt Pryor.

Matt Pryor:
"I used to day dream in school about how to pack the van," laughs the singer-guitarist. "Being in a band is all I ever really wanted to do."

Pryor realised that vision as a 20-year-old in 1995 with the formation of The Get Up Kids, the emo rock powerhouse that delivered four albums across a decade of punk-pop thrills. But Pryor's dream run eventually came to an inglorious end when he quit in 2005 citing exhaustion and homesickness.

Matt Pryor:
"I said I needed a break and the guys said 'we either do it 100% or we don't do it at all'," he explains. "I said 'well then I don't want to do it all because I need a break'. Hindsight being 20/20 we didn't really need to break the band up, we just needed to get away from each other for a little while. But it was a very tense situation, a very emotional fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants rash decision-making kind of thing."

Pryor continued to write and record under the moniker The Terrible Twos, spending more time at home with his young family - he has three children - while also debuting a solo album Confidence Man.

But in 2008, TGUK's members reconvened in Texas to discuss band-related business matters, a meeting that inadvertently sparked a reformation.

Matt Pryor:
"We all hung out and had some beers and al the old tension melted away," recalls Pryor. "It was like 'you guys are my friends and I dig hanging out with you' and we just built it from there. It was really about enjoying each other's company again."

Reborn, The Get Up Kids performed a comeback show in hometown Kansas City late last year then announced a commemorative 10th anniversary reissue of their most successful album Something To Write Home About, released last September.

Matt Pryor:
"It was a big record for us in that we toured it into the ground," says Pryor of the 1999 album, now with a bonus DVD. "We got to go to Australia for the first time and tour Japan and Europe but the album was never really well-reviewed, it never got any actual acclaim. It's good that the kids dug it and now it's 'oh it's a quintessential emo album of the 90s' and I like the record but I don't think it's as important as everyone else seems to think it is. Ha!"



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