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Founded:   1989
Ended: Active
City: Simi Valley
State: CA
Country: US



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On June 12th Strung Out is back with their brand new album, "Blackhawks Over Los Angeles". Their seventh studio disc is a masterpiece of melody, metallic riffs and socially aware lyrics.

Hi! Can you introduce yourself and what you play in Strung Out?

Jason Alexander Cruz:
My name is Jason Alexander Cruz and I am the all dancing monkey boy for Strung Out.

How are you doing and how is 2007 treating Strung Out?

Jason Alexander Cruz:
I am doing what I can do. 2007 is turning out to be a very creative and year for the band. I feel like we are getting another chance to make an impact on this 'scene' of ours.

Your new album "Blackhawks Over Los Angeles" just came out on Fat Wreck Chords. How do you feel about it and how is it different from your previous albums ?

Jason Alexander Cruz:
How do I feel about it? Well that kind of thing always changes. When you are in the middle of making a record you don't have a chance to step back from it and actually take it all in. Now that all the dust has settled I'm really getting a different perspective on it especially the way it seems to be affecting other people. It's all positive though, a bit vulnerable at times but certainly on the positive level.

This is your seventh album: I have been following you since "Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues" and I must say your style grew up in a really original way. How does the new record "Blackhawks Over Los Angeles" fit in your progression? You went through melody, metal, fury, and now, with the new album, what do your fans have to expect?

Jason Alexander Cruz:
To me this record seems super focused. We have grown and learned a lot about ourselves and our place in the world and I do believe that is reflected in every song on the record. Well I still believe we are just learning how to write. We are surrounded by younger and younger bands every year and I believe very much that the older you get the better you write. Everything we have done was just a prelude to what we are now.

For the new album you worked with Matt Hyde: if I am not wrong, you already worked with him on previous album "Exile In Oblivion". How did he help you get your sound as you wanted?

Jason Alexander Cruz:
Aside from a steady regimen of hard illegal substances, gun powder, Akira Kirasawa flicks and Red Bull ,our sound with Matt Hyde came pretty organic .We also recorded a lot of the record in the dark to get that"dirgy" sound.

The artwork of the new disc was done by yourself: are you a graphic artist? How does the artwork concept relate to the music?

Jason Alexander Cruz:
I felt the last record (as far as artwork) was a bit too dark, so we got this freak we know who calls himself "Amerikan Black Heart" to do something a bit on the lighter side . I really like that old "cut and paste" style so I think that was well reflected in this packaging.

I got the idea that most songs on the new album are about growing up: how did you decide to relate this personal issue with the "anti-war" messages?

Jason Alexander Cruz:
Because we are the war! We are the 'anti war', we are the people that occupy, consume, eat, fuck, kill and die! I am a citizen of this state and I am responsible for where we are at now. This is not someone else's problem or cause, my decisions your decisions got us here. I don't want to go another day without realizing that. That to me is growing up.

Your album comes out on Fat Wreck Chords: how did you guys feel on this label? Because after you released "An American Paradox", I heard voices that said that since you sold over 500,000 copies you were leaving Fat for a major label. Was that any true?

Jason Alexander Cruz:
Well here we are! Still on Fat still trucking along.

You are touring Europe in June: why do you tour first in Europe than the USA?

Jason Alexander Cruz:
I will take European festivals to US festivals ANY day! Most festivals overseas people camp out for days, you never see a cop or six dollar bottle of water, and you don't stand on a black asphalt parking lot for seven hours to hear the same band all day. I also think the record should sink in here a bit so everybody can learn the words and they're air drum fills.

I saw on the Fat site you will not be releasing the new disc on vinyl: how did you decide to do this? Is this a label's choice or you do not like vinyl after all?

Jason Alexander Cruz:
Jordan had a really traumatic experience with some vinyl when he was a real young kid so that's kind of a soar subject. In fact I shouldn't even be writing about it.

What are your future plans for 2007?

Jason Alexander Cruz:
My future plans for the future is that everybody will wear matching silver space suits, ride silver bikes , war will be fought in the living rooms of the worlds homes on play stations controlling super droid armies, someone will realize the bible has been misinterpreted all this time and god will be switched to dog and we will worship dog poo!



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