Static Thought - Motive for a Movement

Static Thought - Motive for a Movement



Released: N/A
Added: 2012-12-15


  1. Faces
  2. The Reason I Breathe
  3. Anymore
  4. 3rd World
  5. Splinters And Stones
  6. Vindication
  7. Under The Sun
  8. Ambivalence
  9. How They Get By
  10. Terminus Mos Adveho
  11. Suburban Life
  12. Conquest Of Saints


Hailing from San Francisco, Ca, Static Thought will be releasing their sophomore album, The Motive For Movement on Epitaph Records, in September 2008.

Static Thought, The Motive for Movement CD review, by Roya Butler

Influenced by AC/DC, Van Halen, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Toots and the Maytals, Metallica, The Police, Tom Waits, Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden and many others, Static Thought pulls from these bands, creating an album worth listening to.

The Motive for Movement proves that Static Thought is the antithesis of the generic three-chord-pop-punk/screamo currently being mass marketed to the public. I was highly impressed by this album, sounding like something from the early days of hardcore punk. Their sound is riddled with powerful hardcore vocals and blazing soulful punk rock melodies. The Motive for Movement deals with issues such as sexism in the punk scene, the distortion of image, pop culture’s continuing role of dumbing down society, the destruction of the middle class, and more.

Static Thought insists that we, as a society, should place more importance on integrity and ideas than fashion and wealth. Vocalist/guitarist Eric Urbach states: ""I became a punk because I always felt like I didn’t fit in with my peers. Punk Rock became an outlet for my aggression and a place that shared many of my ideals. I think there are a lot of serious issues that people are unaware of in the punk scene; such as sexism, ignorance, and lack of self-control. All ages venues across the country are shutting down as a result of this. People need to realize that the meaningless destruction that occurs is ruining our scene.""

Urbach, explains: ""The album is about embracing who we are as a community, as a people. Until we do that, nothing with change. This album is the motive for a movement in music and in the punk community. We want everybody to be a part of it and help create something special.""

# Track Length Lyrics
1 Faces No
2 The Reason I Breathe No
3 Anymore No
4 3rd World No
5 Splinters And Stones No
6 Vindication No
7 Under The Sun No
8 Ambivalence No
9 How They Get By No
10 Terminus Mos Adveho No
11 Suburban Life No
12 Conquest Of Saints No


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