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Founded:   1999
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Hi! Can you please state your name and what you play in Sound The Alarm ?

Brian Chiusano:
My names Brian Chiusano and I play guitar for Sound the Alarm.

How are things going with Sound The Alarm in 2007 ?

Brian Chiusano:
Things are going great, we're just touring as much as we possibly can leading up to the release of the album in July. Hoping to hit every single city in this country so we better see you all the shows…we'll be bringin the rock!

Would you tell our readers a story of how Sound The Alarm formed and started playing ?

Brian Chiusano:
We've all been very close friends since we were in kindergarten. All grew up in the same town, same grade…so we're all very close. It was just an idea in middle school we had cause we have a very big passion for music and it's a blast to play and make music with your friends.

I read you formed the band at the age of 12. That's a really young age. How old are you now and what have been the bands, musicians and artists that made you want to form a band ?

Brian Chiusano:
We are all 20 right now, except Joe, he turns 20 in May…The people that made me want to be in a band are the same that made me want to play guitar and that would be my two older brothers. They were in a band together in high school and being the little brother I really looked up to them, and still do…they are phenomenal musicians. As far as bands though I think I'd have to say Incubus, and guitarists like Eddie and Slash.

Before "Stay Inside" you released an EP: can you say the differences in your sound, between one record and another ?

Brian Chiusano:
Well I love that none of our songs sound the same, but at the same time you can hear it and know it's Sound the Alarm. But we were definitely a lot younger when we wrote the songs for the EP than when we wrote most of the songs on the album. So you grow, as far as what message you want to put across and as musicians.

You worked with Howard Benson for your debut album: how was to work with this big producer, who also worked with My Chemical Romance and The All American Rejetcs?

Brian Chiusano:
I think I'll go as far as to say it was a life changing experience. Howard really has a crazy talent as far as putting a song together and getting certain moments to come across with the emotion it should. We didn't spend too much time in preproduction, he thought we had our shit together which was awesome to hear since we've been fans of his work for so long.

The new album comes out in July: how do you feel about this and how would you describe it to the people who never heard of Sound The Alarm?

Brian Chiusano:
We're nothing short of stoked for the album to hit the shelves. I think when people hear it they'll see it's a great record from the first track through the last. And I think the musicianship really shines. Basically we're not here as a "flavor of the week" type thing. I think these songs and the songs that will come out of us in the future are going to last the test of time. Cause we don't try to fit a genre, or style. We just focus on writing good, catchy rock songs that puts across the message we want to

Your new songs are very catchy and with anthemic choruses: when you start to write a song, how do you act? What is your main goal and what

Brian Chiusano:
Already started shed some light in the last answer but we just want our songs to stick in your head… Whether you like it or not!!!! Haha but really just to write the best songs we can and have a good time with it. And hope you have a good time listening to it as well.

I read your first single will be "Suffocating": I think it's a great song but I think there are better songs, like "If I Told You" and "Picture Perfect". How did you decide your first single?

Brian Chiusano:
The thing I love about this record is I think we have so many songs that can be singles. No filler so to say, so I think we're just gonna come out of the gate with Suffocating with some upbeat rock and maybe later delve in into what else the album has to offer

Your music is very rock and rolling and catchy: which are your influences? I heard some 80's music and even some punk rock.

Brian Chiusano:
Definitely some 80's…the 80's rock…I was born in the 80's. like I personally look up to guitarists like eddie van halen and slash. Guys who can absolutely rip it up but at the end of the day write classic timeless songs.

Your debut album comes out on June 12 on the major label Geffen Records: how did you get in touch with this big record label ?

Brian Chiusano:
Howard helped us with being heard by the label. We're just fortunate they're so into the record…they love it, and we love them. We aim to please.

Where did you get your name from ? I think it's a Saves The Day's album title but I am not sure you got it from that.

I was wondering how long before that question came up. You might be the first one to ask. Well a few years ago we had to change our old name due to copyright laws. So after much thought I came up with Sound the Alarm, it was agreed upon and like 6 months later we heard Saves the Day was calling their new album Sound the Alarm, before they even started recording it. We were like ohh man! But it's cool. Also kind of funny cause Cody, Rick, and myself have never listened much to Saves the Day, however Joe and Colin have always been fans. I think at Bamboozle Left Joe gave Chris Connely a sticker for our band and he was like I heard about you guys

What are your future plans ?

Brian Chiusano:
Just get out on the road and play as many shows as we can for the next year and a half or so. We'll get to meet a bunch of awesome people at the shows so we're really excited.

Thank you so much for taking some time to reply these questions.

Brian Chiusano:
No problem, and for anyone wanting to check us out you can check out we run the site ourselves so shoot us a msg if you like!



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