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UK punk gov’nors Snuff discuss disposable income, hangover cures and “rocking like little donkeys on a footpath”. Interview by Steve Tauschke with vocalist-drummer Duncan Redmonds.

You’ve just toured Japan… any interesting stories to share with us?

Duncan Redmonds:
“We’ve eaten rotten squid in its own guts, pig colon, fish testicles. Lee impersonated the WALK signal nearly killing the promoter who stepped out thinking it was the real thing and Jerry heard the doorbell and answered the phone.”

Are the Club Quattro’s uniform throughout Japan?

Duncan Redmonds:
“Not really, they have different capacities and layouts.”

Last year, you covered the Pirates of The Caribbean jingle from the famous ride at Disneyland for a Japanese compilation. Have you noticed more adults than children at Disneyland?

Duncan Redmonds:
“I’ve never been to Disneyland so I can`t really say. But grown-ups do like to revisit their childhood.”

Can you recall the most pathetic lyric you’ve ever written?

Duncan Redmonds:
“Rhyming ‘pray with day’. And many, many more that never made it because they were written at the end of a drinking session and were complete drunken nonsense.”

What’s your favorite Snuff record and why?

Duncan Redmonds:
“The next one, because the process of writing is the most rewarding.”

You’ve called the new album Disposable Income .. what’s the silliest thing you’veever wasted money on?

Duncan Redmonds:
“A wind-up plastic SUMO on a skateboard.”

The album is distributed in the through Canada’s Union Label Group. Whathappened with Fat?

Duncan Redmonds:
“Fat are a great label and were interested in picking up the next record, but we wanted to do it ourselves. There is no bad blood and the door is open for future projects should we change our minds.”

So will your side project Guns n’ Wankers be resurfacing considering Axl Rose’s reappearance?

Duncan Redmonds:
“The truth is that we only got our name because the drummer refused to be known as Cunts and Wankers. It was an accident; we never meant to parody Guns & Roses. It`s unlikely we will get together but it`s not impossible.”

What are fellow Englishmen Consumed up to?

Duncan Redmonds:
“We just did a tour with them, and they`re still bloody great if not a bit smelly. And fuck me, do they whinge - and they can`t play cricket. But their record rocks like little donkeys on the footpath!”

Does Snuff have anything in common with the 80s cult film Withnail & I?

Duncan Redmonds:
“Not really but Lee will happily recite the script when asked.”

What’s your most effective hangover cure?

Duncan Redmonds:
“Cup of tea and a wank.”

Did you weep when Joe Strummer died?

Duncan Redmonds:
“Yes, it is a sad loss. The Clash were a great band and a big influence. R.I.P JOE.”



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