Slick Shoes - Wake Up Screaming

Slick Shoes - Wake Up Screaming



Released: 5/23/2000
Formats: CD 
Label:Tooth and Nail Records
Added: 2012-12-15


  1. Another Day
  2. Constancy
  3. Angel
  4. Peace of Mind
  5. Hide and Seek
  6. Lucky
  7. Have I Said Too Much
  8. Elisa
  9. Don't Mess With Texas
  10. Good Intentions
  11. This Is Your Life
  12. There's a Reason
  13. I Guess
  14. Not That Far
  15. I Don't Know


  • Ryan Kepke
  • Joe Nixon
  • David Stoltenberg
  • Jeremiah Brown
  • Jordan Mould

After the wonderful debut LP Till We Have Faces, and before releasing their new LP on major label American Recordings at the beginning of 2004, Noise Ratchet took time to let us hear their newer stuff on an EP on The Militia Group. The S/t features 6 songs, possibly the best the band ever wrote: 5 songs are new, while A Way To The Heart was already released on the previous LP and now is redone with a piano acompanied by delicated acoustic guitars, female vocals and a fuller sound. The sound of the other songs is strong, powerful and the intesity you hear from this band is really what rock is all about: making feel emotions. Such songs as When Losing Ends and the amazing Fiction Arms are proof of how this band can put together harmonies, catchy vocals and a powerful sound give by the work of the two guitar players, that are sick. From Your Lips is a quite slow song, in the classic Noise Ratchet style, while New Room is the quintessence of rock: I think that these guys are ready to take the place of Jimmy Eat World and The Juliana Theory in the heart of pop-emo-rock fans.

# Track Length Lyrics
1 Another Day 2:40 No
2 Constancy 2:14 No
3 Angel 2:16 No
4 Peace of Mind 2:35 No
5 Hide and Seek 1:40 No
6 Lucky 2:39 No
7 Have I Said Too Much 3:02 No
8 Elisa 2:18 No
9 Don't Mess With Texas 2:35 No
10 Good Intentions 3:51 No
11 This Is Your Life 1:39 No
12 There's a Reason 3:02 No
13 I Guess 2:23 No
14 Not That Far 2:44 No
15 I Don't Know 1:44 No


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