Slick Shoes - The Biggest and The Best

Slick Shoes - The Biggest and The Best



Released: 11/18/2003
Formats: CD 
Label:Tooth and Nail Records
Added: 2012-12-15


  1. Pretend to Be the Same
  2. Ruled Out
  3. Spleen Punsher
  4. I Knew
  5. Alone
  6. Angel
  7. Friday Night
  8. Last Round
  9. Joes Sick
  10. East on Tracks
  11. My Ignorance
  12. Constancy
  13. For Better for Worse
  14. Peace of Mind
  15. Fall
  16. Last
  17. Five o Grind
  18. My So Called Real World


  • Ryan Kepke
  • Joe Nixon
  • David Stoltenberg
  • Jeremiah Brown
  • Jordan Mould

Slick Shoes are back with their new and last album on Tooth And Nail Records, which is something like a greatest hits.The Biggest And The Best features in fact 15 of the most famous and finest tracks by the band, plus 3 new new and never released before tracks. Speaking of the new songs, Pretend To Be The Same, Ruled Out and Spleen Puncher really show at once all of the sides of the band: soft acoustic chords, fast pop punk riffs, drums and intelligent lyrics, they are some of the finest tunes the band ever wrote.Among the 15 already released tracks, you can hear such amazing tunes as Angel, Alone, Friday Night, Joe's Sick, Peace Of Mind, East On Tracks, For Better, For Worse, taken by the such albums as the Self Titled, Wake Up Screaming, Burn Out, Rusty and the Self-titled EP, all albums that you should own if you enjoy pop punk rock at its own best. If you never heard of Slick Shoes, this record will open your ears and make you discover one fine band, while if you already heard Slick Shoes, this record will make you spend a good hour of music plus the cool listen to three new tunes. In the end, this record rocks and you should own it in your cd collection.

# Track Length Lyrics
1 Pretend to Be the Same 1:29 No
2 Ruled Out 2:24 No
3 Spleen Punsher 2:28 No
4 I Knew 2:35 No
5 Alone 3:14 No
6 Angel 2:17 No
7 Friday Night 2:28 No
8 Last Round 2:14 No
9 Joes Sick 1:46 No
10 East on Tracks 2:36 No
11 My Ignorance 3:29 No
12 Constancy 2:14 No
13 For Better for Worse 2:53 No
14 Peace of Mind 2:34 No
15 Fall 2:46 No
16 Last 3:08 No
17 Five o Grind 2:00 No
18 My So Called Real World 1:40 No


by david kelley 12/8/2003 0:00:00

keep on rockin

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