Slick Shoes - Self Titled

Slick Shoes - Self Titled



Released: 9/4/2002
Formats: CD 
Label:Tooth and Nail Records
Added: 2012-12-15


  1. My Ignorance
  2. Pass Me By
  3. Friday Night
  4. Ten Ways
  5. Alone
  6. I Know
  7. Remember
  8. So Much More
  9. 1 A.M.
  10. No More Words
  11. 1000 Times Before
  12. 151


  • Ryan Kepke
  • Joe Nixon
  • David Stoltenberg
  • Jeremiah Brown
  • Jordan Mould

I don't know what to think about this band. As a reviewer I try really hard to put all the bullshit aside and listen to a CD for what it is. I do. However this band is talented in playing their instruments, but why would you want to be in a band that sounds like everyone else. I listen to the whole thing and the only thing that popped into my head was... polished turd. Come on... they sound like every Fat band and every other Blink 182 wanna be. Come on guys! Get your slick shoes on and run away from that style of music. You guys have talent, fuckin' mix it up and try to sound just little bit different from all the other new school punk bands. Hell, throw some Emo shit in there for shits and giggles. This is not a bad review, I'm just sick and tired of listening to the same band.

# Track Length Lyrics
1 My Ignorance 3:29 No
2 Pass Me By 2:55 No
3 Friday Night 2:31 No
4 Ten Ways 2:21 No
5 Alone 3:14 No
6 I Know 2:37 No
7 Remember 3:03 No
8 So Much More 2:47 No
9 1 A.M. 2:32 No
10 No More Words 2:40 No
11 1000 Times Before 1:27 No
12 151 2:22 No


by dave 5/8/2002 0:00:00

Pretty damn good cd, better than their last,"Wake Up Screaming" but probably still not up to par with the speedy "Burn Out." Also the band still suffers from the loss of Jackson on lead guitar.

by Ray 6/3/2002 0:00:00

Oh....the stars are for the revue. Truepunk just got a new fan....I was just wandering around and started reading reviews.....I am so sick of the record company polished pocketed reviewers giving great reviews to shitty records. This is honest and we need more of this. I myself have always felt this way. I have known about Slick Shoes for about 5 years. Great musicians. Polished. Their albums are wonderfully produced. But it is far from original and I echo the polished turd 100%. Ryan let go of your balls and sing like a man. If you guys like the sound of this band....Look for their first's blue...that's all I can rememeber. Like 4 songs.....and they are good. Dale killed it on the guitar on that album and it's quality.

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