Sherwood - A Different Light

Sherwood - A Different Light



Released: 3/1/2007
Formats: CD  Digital
Label:Myspace Records
Added: 2012-12-15



After an LP on Side Cho Records entitled "Sing, But Keep Going", the now-quartet Californian band Sherwood is back with it first LP for MySpace Records. "A Different Light", just like the previous two EP\' s and LP by Sherwood, is made of very sunny album, with a lot pop rock influences, ranging from emo rock to indie rock, going through electronic music.

Differently from the previous material, the new twelve songs sound really well (and sometimes maybe over) produced: Lou Giordano (The Ataris, Taking Back Sunday) helped these guys out, and his work can be heard very well: all the songs sound very polished, clean, and so damn catchy.

Musically, the band is truly original, with pop hooks like the lines of "Song In My Head" or "I\' m Asking Her To Stay", where you really start shaking your head felling like you\' re spending a nice day in the sun, even tough outside it\' s puring. Such tunes as "Middle Of The Night", and "The Best In Me" have got the catchy pop punk guitar hooks that will make you fall in love with Sherwood.

The element of innovation here is introduced by synths: "Alley Cat" is a song that sounds like Death Cab For Cutie/The Postal Service, with a serious sick melody that sound so unique it made me cry. The rest of the album is relaly good, even tough sometimes songs like "Home" and "Never Ready To Love" brind you a little bit down, because the rest of the record is so good you wish Sherwood could have made all the songs on the same level, but I guess it\' s just my impression. "Give Up!" has got some serious addictive harmonies and I think it\' s the best/most innovative song on the record.

I wish every person out there in the world could stop a secod and listen to Sherwood (do it here!): they might bring more love into the world with their solar and positive anthems, and that would be so good.

1. Song In My Head
2. The Best In Me
3. Middle Of The Night
4. For The Longest Time
5. Home
6. Alley Cat
7. Give Up!
8. Never Ready To Leave
9. The Only Song
10. Alive
11. The Simple Life
12. A Different Light
13. I\' m Asking Her To Stay

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by star 12/29/2001 0:00:00

i've heard from people that it's pretty sweet i haven't had a chance to hear it yet but i know it will rock. hopefully or i waisted my money

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