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Saboteur - Saboteur



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Label:End Records
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Saboteur is a brand new band made up of current members of the masters of Deep Elm emo rock: Justin Wilson, singer and songwriter for Red Animal War, and Steve Visneau, drummer and spirit of punk-speedsters Slowride, got togehter a couple of years ago after their own bands released a split record and did an European tour. With the addiction of Rob Marchant, bass player and logic of Slowride, the band is now complete and here is their debut EP, released on End Sounds.

The disc, made of seven songs produced by Deedle LaCour (of Red Animal War/Slowride fame), does not live a dull moment, since the trio is able to put raw live energy on any track, filling the melodies with pure punk rock and melodic pop punk harmonies. The music is real loud, and such tunes as The Restless Rhyme, Le Saboteur Produit Son Couteau and the Queens Of The Stone Age oriented Declaration On Dependence Drive are real kick ass anthems. Lyrically, Saboteur is all about socio-political themes, with such songs as Mommy's Little Anarchist (reminding of a Social D tune) and Declaration Of Dependence Drive are fully rebel, with a straight in your face attitude. If you enjoy straigh punk fucking rock,

Saboteur is your new favorite band. Check out more at End Sounds, Saboteur Music and Saboteur's Myspace page. Rrrock!!!

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by blake Young 1/14/2006 0:00:00

such a good record. can't wait for the full length.

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