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The jungles of Papua New Guinea are a long way from London's grimy rock clubs but Paula Steel knows both worlds intimately.

Australian-born singer Steel spent much of her childhood living in PNG's thickly-forested mountains with her Seventh Day Adventist missionary parents who preached the faith among the country's remote communities.

Paula Steel:
"We'd do the evangelistic thing, singing to these all these villagers," says Steel, "and they're looking at you like you're a total alien!"

After returning to Australia to attend primary school in Newcastle, Steel later made her way to London after university "writing bits here and there" on acoustic guitar and exploring the city's live scene.

A fortuitous bus stop meeting with bass player DJ led to some jamming and before long Steel found herself in a melodic punk band, hardly the preferred vocation of a conservative middle-class girl raised on wholesome folk.

Paula Steel:
"I'd never been to a rock concert or listened to any music that wasn't Christian or classical," she says. "But it's really opened up this whole door that's something my parents freak out about because it's not part of their world."

With guitarist Sam, keyboardist Tommy T, drummer Chris filling out the line-up, Royal Treatment Plant was born in 2006. Adhering to a DIY ethic, RTP saved enough cash to record a handful of demos, one of which Carry Me, impressed Teo Miller (Blur, Placebo) who produced their debut album Hope Is Not Enough.

Paula Steel:
"It was done in little stages here and there," explains Steel. "Each time it was a case of 'you've got three days, play quickly and don't make any mistakes'."

A couple of album tracks have since been mixed via email by Mike Chapman, the legendary 70s hit-maker famous for his work with Blondie and Suzi Quatro.

Paula Steel:
"He's got a real dark art and a real knack with vocals too," says Steel. "I have to say Deborah Harry's vocals are something extraordinary. I like vocals where it comes at you from the middle of the mix and he has a real way of making it feel like it's there, not high up but part of the mix and still cutting through."

Released independently in the UK last year, Hope Is Not Enough drew rich praise from BBC1 and rock rag NME but it's RTP's securing of a major label deal in Australia that has Steel jumping.

Paula Steel:
"Universal releasing it in the way that they are is really humbling," she says. "It blows your mind because we're not a very egotistical band and so for us it's like 'wow!'."



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