Riverboat Gamblers - Underneath the Owl

Riverboat Gamblers - Underneath the Owl



Released: 4/4/2009
Formats: CD  LP 
Label:Volcom Entertainment
Added: 2012-12-15



The new album by Riverboat Gamblers is as good as you could expect it too be when compared to what they have put out in the past. This album is full of drunken chick luvin rock and roll songs that will give you the power to go out to the bar and pick up any rocker chick you see.

This is the fourth album from Riverboat Gamblers which in my opinion have all been great power cock releases and this is no different. Is it bad that this new album sounds just like their previous work? Not if their previous work fucking rocked! With their previous album "To The Confusion of Our Enemies" which was released in 2007 its about time they guys got off their asses and gave us 11 new great songs.

The biggest complain I have seen so far is this album sounds just like their previous work. I dont see this as a problem at all. With their album in 2007 rocking hard and just down right fun too listen too then why change your sound. Their not fucking AFI and constancy is never a bad thing.

Release Date: March 10th 2009
Record Label: Volcom
Track List

  1. DISSDISSDISSKISSKISSKISS (Featuring Todd Congllier)
  2. A choppy yet sincere apology
  3. Catastrophe
  4. Alexandria
  5. Pilgrams ina the Unholy Land
  6. Sleepless
  7. Robots may break your heart
  8. The tearjerker
  9. Keep me from drinking
  10. Steerclear
  11. Victory Lap

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