Rise Against - Siren Song Of The Counter Culture

Rise Against - Siren Song Of The Counter Culture



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Chicago's Rise Against are back with their third record, the major label debut after two discs released on Fat Wreck Chords. Revolutions Per Minute was an amazing punk hardcore album, filled with the energy of hardcore and the pop melodies of rock. Unluckily for the band, the new record is a step back compared to their previous FAT disc. Siren Song Of The Counter Culture is filled with the mediocrity of The Unravelling and with some good hints of RPM: in conclusion, it is a very forgettable album. The best song is Swing Life Away which is an all acoustic ballad, and this says it all about the general feeling on the album: boring hardcore songs that are made to please some older fans, but that will not make any new fan fall in love for Rise Against, and this is a pity, because RPM was really a good disc.

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by Mike 8/15/2004 0:00:00

Best song is Swing Life Away? Is that a joke? I could see people not liking this album but to say SLA is the best song is a joke. If you liked RPM this album is just as good if not better. Don't judge after one listen... rpm was the same way. Not hardcore? Listen to the screaming at the end of 3,5,6,7,10,12 and tell me this isn't harder then RPM.

by Kathy 8/27/2004 0:00:00

I like it, but I do think that RPM was a lot better. I also dont agree with swing life away beeing the best song. Right now "To Them These Streets Belong" is my favourite, but sadly it does not come close to RPM, I was addicted to that album.

by steve101 9/3/2004 0:00:00

this album is not as good as rpm or as the unraveling who was really hardore but it's a real good album. more melodic ,it's the next after rpm ,a little bit less hardcore just like rpm was for the unraveling.after a fiew listening you will really begin to like this album ... a lot.

by victoria 5/12/2005 0:00:00

this band is so alsome!

by victoria 5/12/2005 0:00:00

this band is so alsome!

by eve 5/13/2005 0:00:00

rise against really rock. best live show you'll ever see~~~

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