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One year after the release of the previous beautiful ""Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right, But Three Do"", Relient K is back with their fourth studio album. The quartet from Canton, Ohio, after seeing the leave of bass player Brian Pittman, recorded a solid disc made of 14 track of pure awesome energy. There is the rock, there is the pop and there is also the pop punk energy of the previous albums. It may sound like cliché, but the new stuff is very more mature, as this band is really growing up, both musically and lyrically. Musically, the boys fuse rock with catchy harmonies, complex song structures made of solid rock guitars, a clean drumming, great piano driven parts, and emotional bass lines. Lyrically, they steal deal with life problems, youth issues, songs about God and anthems for the youngsters. The new tunes are stronger than ever in the past, tigher and much better, maybe less poppy and more dynamic, but still catchy. Produced by Mark Townsend and mixed by Tom Lord-Alge, Mmhmm sees the band playing so many genres, from the pop punk rock of ""I So Hate Consequences"" ( the best song of the cd, where you can also hear a piano and violins) to the rock of ""My Girl’s Ex-Boyfriend"". The listener never gets the chance to get bored, and there is not really a dull moment on all of the disc, with catchy choruses, fast guitar riffs and also piano songs. You can hear stuff like ""Who I Am Hates Who I've Been"" and the melodic ""Life After Death And Taxes"". You should note the Matt Thiessen's lyrics, that are still clean, pure, genuine and young, dealing with joy, anger, pain, not being satisfied by life, all seen through the eyes of a guy who is still able to feel surpirse and joy for life's little things. Possibly Mmhmm is the best pop punk album ever made since ""Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right, But Three Do"", so you should all check this stuff out: listen to the record, buying the record, checking out more of Relient K and also more about our Christian friends at MorningStar.

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by jen 11/17/2004 0:00:00

these guys rule !

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