Portugal. The Man - Waiter You Vultures

Portugal. The Man - Waiter You Vultures




Released: N/A
Label:Fearless Records
Added: 2012-12-15



Portugal.The Man is an oxymoron. Their name means people against the single man, a group versus individuality.

With this said, they do not come from Portugal, but from Alaska. And this is their first record, but they have been rocking with a band named Anathomy Of A Ghost in the past. Waiter: You Vultures! is a progressive rock masterpiece inspired by the likes of The Mars Volta and At The Drive In, with the ability to fuse pop melodies and hard rock guitar riffs, as on How The Leopard Got Its Spots, where the heavy guitars find themselves comfortable with catchy keyboards and avantgarde harmonies.

Just like the newest bands as Chiodos, Brazil and Emery, but with even more personality, fusing elements of Owen and Coheed And Cambria, Portugal. The Man is able to create unique atmospheres on tracks like Elephants, Chicago and Stables & Chairs, where the four guys show how it's hard to play innovative music.

If you find yourself bored with the 99.9% of today music scene, give Waiter: You Vultures! a listen because this might be the 0.1% you are missing out.

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by charliez 2/12/2006 0:00:00

Great debut album. Rocks.

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