Plain White T's - Stop

Plain White T's - Stop




Released: N/A
Label:Fearless Records
Added: 2012-12-15



If there is something I never get tired of, this is a good song. And Stop is a record that will not make you get borred or annoyed or tired of listening to it. It has 12 gorgeous songs that features the best rock rhythms and rhymes you will ever get to hear from a debut album. Plain White T's is a young band destined to success, like it was for Saves The Day or New Found Glory. Maybe they will have to work hard to get noticed, maybe they will have to tour as mad, and maybe they will have to release some other couple of records, but I predict great things for these four kids.And with songs like What If, Penny (Perfect For You) and Fireworks I wonder why this band should not get major attention: they are young, have good hooks, choruses and most of all, they are truly talented. They might be labelled as pop punk or emo rock, and such ballads as Radios In Heaven, Shine and A Lonely September they will also get the attention of young broken hearted guys and gals. Stop is a good record and PLain White T's a band to keep an eye on.

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by Dave Turner 9/1/2003 0:00:00

Not a big fan of this cd, just emo they aren't the nicest guys live. I guess it would be good if I was into emo......

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