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It seems Russian fans are putting themselves out for Parkway Drive - literally. On tour in Moscow earlier this year, the Aussie neo-hardcore lads were stunned mid-set to discover a member of the audience ablaze.

Winston McCall
"Some guy had lit himself on fire and was running around in the pit," says singer Winston McCall of the self-immolator. "He was wearing a hooded jumper and must have had some fluid in it because he lit himself up and started going crazy.

Winston McCall
"We were like 'what the f#$k - there's a flaming person in the crowd!' But he ended up putting himself out and came up to us at the end of the show saying (adopts a thick Russian accent) 'Did you zee me - I voz the von on fire!'."

The "weird" leg on the band's recent European tour, Russia was certainly one of the more interesting locales for McCall, a fan lover of off-beat travel and all its eye-popping wonders.

Winston McCall
"Driving through Russia, it's so bleak and everyone's really serious," he says. "We got stuck at the border and questioned by guards with giant guns for two hours. You could really experience the Communist feel."

This year has been a productive period for the Byron Bay quintet who've already signed off on two European jaunts - including a headlining spot on the Never Say Die package tour - plus visits to the UK, US and New Zealand. They finish off 2008 with a dozen Australian dates this month.

Winston McCall
"We didn't think we'd be playing out of our own town let alone doing this," says McCall, now back home in Australia' northern New South Wales region. "Everything that has happened in this band has been one giant rollercoaster ride that none of us expected."

That the group can now consistently sell out European shows says much about their work ethic since forming in 2003. Their current status is a far cry from early forays abroad where simply surviving was paramount.

Winston McCall
"I remember we had very little money on our first American tour," says McCall. "We just brought sleeping bags and slept under trees and in sheds and used bricks as pillows on more than one occasion. We lived it rough, I ate raw corn cobs for four days straight because they were the cheapest thing you could buy in the middle of nowhere in America.

Winston McCall
"But now we're getting looked after really well and we get our own tour van so it's great. It's nice to know we've worked for everything we've done - it's given us a feeling of having accomplished something."

The singer says the band is currently writing material for a third album, the successor to 2007's much-lauded Horizons.

Winston McCall
"We have a few skeleton songs down and we're just seeing what we can come up with and what direction we're going to push ourselves in," says McCall. "So far it sounds like Parkway but one of the songs is probably one of the heaviest things we've done - and probably one of the shortest too.

Winston McCall
"The songs are definitely not going to sound completely different from anything Parkway's done before. We're not going to freak out and make something bizarre. But at the same time we always try to do something a little different because that's what keeps us interested as musicians."



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