Paint It Black - Surrender

Paint It Black - Surrender



Released: 8/16/2009
Formats: EP 
Label:Fat Wreck Chords
Added: 2012-12-15



Paint It Black surely needs no introduction. With such a frontman as Dan Yemin, who spent the majority of his life playing in hardcore punk bands like Kid Dynamite and Lifetime, Paint It Black surely feels no lack of integrity. Their latest release is a four track seven inch on Fat Wreck Chords.

"Surrender", which is the second in a seven inch series Paint It Black is releasing (the first being "Amnesia" on Bridge Nine), features fast, upbeat hardcore songs that barely strike the 2 minutes: super fast, pissed off and against the grain. Produced by Kurt Ballou (of Converge), the seven inch does not live a minute of pause, in a less than seven minute composition that deals with modern world catastrophes: "I can feel the decay, but I can’t say it caught me unawares" screams Damin on "Sacred", or "Digging tunnels under Babylon is not sufficient" comes out on the title track; but the light seems to be turned on on "Worms" where "We won’t be meat for this war pig scene. We will be the vaccine" seems the conclusion.

This is super fast hardcore punk, like Paint It Black got us used to. I highly recommend this to the ones who want the best Minor Threat influenced punk band around today. It\' s here, it\' s now.

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