No Use For A Name - Live In A Dive

No Use For A Name - Live In A Dive



Released: N/A
Label:Fat Wreck Chords
Added: 2012-12-15



No Use For A Name is the first Fat band to release a live record for the Live In A Dive series, and I guess that many other live albums will come, probably from almost all the Fat bands ( can't wait to hear the Strung Out and the Lagwgon albums, if they will ever come out). Talking of the first issue, No Use For A Name delivers a great live record, with 20 songs that covers more or less their whole music career. The band recorded this album during two live shows, one in Los Angeles and the other in San Francisco, and the sound quality is just perfect, you may almost think there was some extra-work in the studio, but I doubt it, as it's no news that No Use For A Name is just great playing live, I heard them once and I was stoked how these four guys can play, of course there are some moments where teh band is out of time or out of tune or has slurred speech, as the guys themselves admit, but the whole recording is just great. About the songs, they put in this album a lot of tunes from More Betterness, as Coming Too Close, Chasing Rainbows, Room19, 6 Degrees From Misty, a few songs from their best album ever Making Friends: Invincible, On The Outside, and the ghost track of that album, here called Gene And Paul, I Hate You Most Of All, And Ace, You're the Ace, And Peter, You're the Catwhich by the way is the lyric of the song. Some other songs are taken from Leche Con Carne, as Justified Black Eye, Exit, Soulmate, Straight From the Jacket and the Bob Marley's cover Redemption Song, plus a tune off The Daily Grind, Feeding the Fire and a couple of really old ones, before the band was on Fat, named Hail To the King and Don't Miss the Train. No Use For A Name also played the 30 seconds song Sara Fisher ( with some different lyric) and the Misfits cover I Turned Into A Martian. Of course a lot of fans may get pissed because the band did not put enough old material or your favourite songs ( I myself cannot understand how they couldn't put my all time favourite Sitting Duck and 3 Month Weekend) but there is no wonder, as the band has so many good songs and if they put them all in a live record they had to do a double CD and it was not even enough. Also, the CD that comes out is enanched, this means that you can put it in your computer and see a 15 minutes video with 3 live songs ( the same of the live record, Invincible, Straight From the Jacket and On the Outside ) and an interview in which you can see what is the favourite hobby of singer/guitarist Tony Sly. Plus, the booklet is also a small version of the comic book with a funny story written by the guys of NUFAN. The LP instead, comes out with an actual big comic book but if you get the CD you can buy the comic book for 2 dollars without the LP.

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