No Use For A Name - All The Best Songs

No Use For A Name - All The Best Songs



Released: 6/30/2007
Formats: CD 
Label:Fat Wreck Chords
Added: 2012-12-15



No Use For A Name is back with their first "greatest hits" album, to celebrate their 20 year career. These four guys from California have been around for a long time, releasing good quality melodic punk rock since their early beginnings, and developing a sound that influenced so many other bands, and helped to create what is now called the Fat Wreck Chords sound.

"All The Best Songs" features 28 tracks spanning all the band\' s albums, with two unreleased songs: all the tunes have been remastered, and you can hear the older songs from "The Daily Grind" as "Feeding The Fire" as well as newer stuff as "For Fiona" or "Let It Slide". Between the oldest and the newest, the middle part is the one I personally enjoyed the most, with such anthems as "The Answer Is Till No" and "On The Outsider" from "Making Friends", "Justified Black Eyes" and "Soulmate" from "Leche Con Carne" and even a couple of songs from "More Betterness" as "Coming Too Close" and "Not Your Saviour". The two new songs, "History Defeats" and "Stunt Double" are ok but really, the best stuff No Use For A Name ever released can be found on "Leche Con Carne", "Making Friends" and "More Betterness".

This album reminds me of the times back in 1997 when I used to mail order punk rock albums on the Fat Wreck Chords mailorder catalog/zine: it was great, and it\' s there that I found out such great stuff as No Use For A Name\' s "Making Friends", Lagwagon\' s "Double Plaidinum", Hi-Standard\' s "Angry Fist" and a tons more, and the booklet is really huge and full of notes from present and past band members, as well as a short description of every song.

If you want to listen to great quality stuff from one of the original Fat Wreck bands, and for a dirt cheap price too, "All The Best Songs" will feed you.

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