NOFX - Split Series Vol.3

NOFX - Split Series Vol.3



Released: 3/5/2002
Formats: CD  LP 
Label:BYO Records
Added: 2012-12-15


  1. Moron Bros
  2. Stickin’ in My Eye
  3. Bob
  4. Don’t Call Me White
  5. Brews
  6. Vanilla Sex
  7. I’m the One
  8. Olympia WA
  9. Tenderloin
  10. Antennaes
  11. Corazon de Oro
  12. Radio


  • Fat Mike
  • Erik Sandin
  • Eric Melvin
  • El Hefe
  • Steve Kidwiler

What could a punker want more ? NOFX doing a split album with Rancid is a thing that will be sticking in human history for ages, and when someone will turn back thinking of the first decade of 2000, they will surely think about NOFX splitting with Rancid. And I imagine BYO Records is quite happy to be the chosen one, as I see platinum album on the way.

But, let's forget about that and talk about the music: NOFX cover six songs done by Rancid while Rancid do the opposite. Everyone said NOFX did better versions or Rancid did better versions but I truly do not know that, I think every band did a good version of the song they covered , maybe I just expected something different from both bands.

NOFX doing a ska version of Radio just do not fit it, that song is made to be played loud, not with El Hefe singing reggae influenced music, but this is just my opinion; instead , the cover of Corazon De Oro is amazing: they played fast melodic punk rock on a ska tune, and Fat Mike voice is awesome as well. Olympia WA and Antennaes are also two great covers, re-done in the classic NOFX way: fast guitar riffs and drums, some pauses and in general a lot of melody. But this was present also on the original Rancid song. I'm the One and Tenderloin from Let's Go are quite alright, I just think that those were Rancid songs and I'd leave Rancid play them.

Talking of Rancid's work, the cover of Moron Bros is not ok, I miss the dododo slow parts of NOFX, while Stickin In My Eye and Vanilla Sex are quite similar to the original versions. Don't Call Me White and The Brews left me a bit disappointed, I could not imagine someone could sing these anthems so bad. I mean, The Brews is ok, but NOFX do it better, and Don't Call Me White sung by Matt Freeman...well, I guess he should play bass, a thing that he does better than anyone. Bob is also ok, but where is El Hefe's trumpet ? Gone.

In the end, I guess that with a few exceptsion ( as Olympia Wa and Antennaes by NOFX ),these songs are better played by the band that wrote them, even tough this split is just great, at least for the idea of having two of the greatest bands of the 90's playing on the same record.|

# Track Length Lyrics
1 Moron Bros 1:55 No
2 Stickin’ in My Eye 1:50 No
3 Bob 2:02 No
4 Don’t Call Me White 2:46 No
5 Brews 2:06 No
6 Vanilla Sex 2:30 No
7 I’m the One 1:50 No
8 Olympia WA 2:59 No
9 Tenderloin 1:24 No
10 Antennaes 1:19 No
11 Corazon de Oro 3:12 No
12 Radio 2:51 No


by jimmybobarino 3/27/2002 0:00:00

I would like to say that everyone who has reviewed this album, seemed to have forgotten that NOFX and Rancid are two totally different bands. NOFX sounds a certain way, with trumpets, accordians and great tone-age; Rancid on the other hand are raw, loud and tone-age is not really a concern. I think that BYO did a great job of coming up with the idea to get NOFX to do an album like this considering Fat Mike hates everything commercial. 'The Brews' was done by Rancid in their own way, which was what NOFX was looking for. I heard they had a great time making the album and I will continue to keep this one close at hand.

by tom 4/9/2002 0:00:00

in my opinion nofx and rancid are two of the greatest bands around and if you like any of their stuff then you will definitely enjoy this album. all the songs are great in their own different ways except "don't call me white" which got slaughtered by terrible vocals but anyway GREAT ALBUM!

by carlo 7/10/2002 0:00:00

i know who nofx and rancid are ! but i know this split could be much much much better .

by Kat 6/8/2003 0:00:00

Well Done!!Rancid n NoFX r lke d best.Pushin away fake wannabe punk like Blink182 and othaz;real punk shood b fuckin proud & happy 2 b who they r...& there eccentric beauty they call music!! YAY

by Melissa 8/21/2003 0:00:00

Its nice to see the two best punk bands redoing each others songs. To me thats fucken cool. Rancid and Nofx kicks ass!!!!

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