NOFX - Regaining Unconsciousness

NOFX - Regaining Unconsciousness



Released: 3/25/2003
Formats: CD  EP 
Label:Fat Wreck Chords
Added: 2012-12-15


  1. Medio-core
  2. Idiots Are Taking Over
  3. Franco Un-American
  4. Hardcore 84
  5. Commercial


  • Fat Mike
  • Erik Sandin
  • Eric Melvin
  • El Hefe
  • Steve Kidwiler

Right a couple of months before the release of their new LP The War On Errorism, NOFX had the brillant idea to release an EP to let their fans know what they have to expect from NOFX's new full length, on FAT WRECK CHORDS. The five track EP is pure genius, let me tell you why. First song is Medio-core, a sarcastic tune about punk rock hardcore bands, it's real kick ass! Second tune is Idiots Are Taking Over, a cross between the Fuck the Kids/Surfer era and the Pump Up the Valuum style, while the third track is the real ( well not a big one, we all know NOFX rock ) surprise: if you thought NOFX lost their credibility or punk rock ability after the Punk In Drublic era, you'll have to eat all of your words back

Franco Un-American is pure genius. Best song of the year!The lyric by FAT MIKE is amazing, and I guess the socio-politic moment of these days influenced him a lot: the song deals a lot with various things of today: basically it's an analysys on the USA situation, I will not steal you the surpirse to listen to it for yourself, but the song ends with Mike willing to become a Canadian or a nice Australian. Pretty funny, isn't it?!?

The fourth song is exclusive to this EP and you'll not find it anywhere else ( maybe on Punk-O-Rama 28?). It's called Hardcore 84 and it has some guest vocals by Mr. Eric Melvin. The 5th track is a sample of the new NOFX album: in this tune you'll hear El Hefe presenting the 14 new songs, something like 5 seconds from any songs from The War On Errorism and trust me, this is going to be the third best album by NOFX ( you already know the first two best cd's, don't you?). I just wanna say thank to NOFX for sticking around, this EP pretty much rocks.

# Track Length Lyrics
1 Medio-core 3:09 No
2 Idiots Are Taking Over 3:22 No
3 Franco Un-American 2:26 No
4 Hardcore 84 1:56 No
5 Commercial 2:04 No


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