NOFX - Regaining Unconsciousness

NOFX - Regaining Unconsciousness



Released: 3/25/2003
Formats: CD  EP 
Label:Fat Wreck Chords
Added: 2012-12-15


  1. Medio-core
  2. Idiots Are Taking Over
  3. Franco Un-American
  4. Hardcore 84
  5. Commercial


  • Fat Mike
  • Erik Sandin
  • Eric Melvin
  • El Hefe
  • Steve Kidwiler

Regaining Unconsciousness is an EP by NOFX, released prior to the release of The War on Errorism. Regaining Unconsciousness was the name of a song that appeared on The War on Errorism, although that song did not appear on this EP.

# Track Length Lyrics
1 Medio-core 3:09 No
2 Idiots Are Taking Over 3:22 No
3 Franco Un-American 2:26 No
4 Hardcore 84 1:56 No
5 Commercial 2:04 No

Comments (2)

by tadek 2013-01-21

Yes, it’s a really good album. I listened to it many times. This album is really intriguing, it has something elusive. It is both typical and not for this artist. Certainly it is an integral part of the discography of this artist. Maybe this is his most important work. It is quite possible.

by adam 2013-01-21

I really enjoy listening to this album. I would recommend it to anyone who loves music. For sure you will not regret.

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