MxPx - let it happen

MxPx - let it happen



Released: 1/1/2006
Formats: CD 
Label:Tooth and Nail Records
Added: 2012-12-15



MxPx is back in action with two albums last year. They released their b-side compilation entitled "Let\' s Rock", and reissued their 10 year old album "Let It Happen", a huge collection of rare songs, bsides, demos, alternate and acoustic versions of famous songs and even more.

"Let It Happen" is not just the highest selling album of MxPx\' s successful career, but the 2006 reissue comes with three brand new songs and a bonus DVD including every single MxPx video in one place.

Now, speaking of the music, the CD features 32 songs, and that\' s a lot! The three new songs have got the classic MxPx style, especially "Role Remodelling", and after the band says that their next full album will be more "hardcore", I assume that these new songs are a good taste. "Prozac" and "Your Turn" are average pop punk, as I know this band did better songs in the past. The other songs have been remastered, and among all of them, I cannot not mention the alternate version of the classic "Want Ad", or the demo for "Do Your Feet Hurt" and classics like "Swing Set Girl", "Sick Boy" and "Rock & Roll Girl", that bring me back to the "Teenage Politics" and "Life In General" era, when I first discovered the band.

The DVD is huge. Filled with the twelve videos by the band, you can find some serious great vids like "Responsibility", which I had never seen before, and the newer "Grey Skies Turn Blue" and "Heard That Sound". Also, some piece of MxPx history can be found on such videos as "Punk Rawk Show" and "I\' m OK, You\' re OK", where you can see how they band truly changed during these years.

Overall, this deluxe edition is much more for fans than for people who never heard of MxPx (to them I suggest albums like "Life In General", "Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo" and "The Ever Passing Moment"), but it\' s a solid release for a band that has been around for more than 10 years.

CD Track Listing:
1. Role Remodeling - BRAND NEW SONG!
2. Prozac - BRAND NEW SONG!
3. Your Turn - BRAND NEW SONG!
4. Never Learn
5. Begin To Start
6. Swing Set Girl
7. Sick Boy
8. Oh Donna
9. Small Town Minds
10. First Class Mail
11. Can\' t See Not Saying
12. GSF
13. Thoughts And Ideas
14. Easier Said Than Done
15. Rock & Roll Girl
16. Important Enough To Mention
17. Elvis Is Dead
18. Lifetime Enlightenment
19. Let It Happen
20. Hot and Cold
21. So Kill Me
22. Suggestion Box
23. Creation
24. Want Ad (Alternate Version)
25. Honest Answers
26. Late Last Night
27. Biased Bigotry
28. Circumstance
29. Do Your Feet Hurt (Critter Version)
30. Twisted Words (Original Demo)
31. Suggestion Box (Original Demo)
32. Too Much Thinking (Original Demo)

DVD Videos
1. Money Tree
2. Doing Time
3. Move To Bremerton
4. Chick Magnet
5. Punk Rawk Show
6. Want Ad
7. Teenage Politics
8. Responsibility
9. I\' m OK, You\' re OK
10. Heard That Sound
11. Wrecking Hotel Rooms
12. Grey Skies Turn Blue

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