MxPx - The Renaissance EP

MxPx - The Renaissance EP



Released: N/A
Label:Fat Wreck Chords
Added: 2012-12-15



Everyone says this is a good EP because Mxpx are getting back to their roots,when they did such albums as Pockinatcha with 20 short fast songs . Actually I never I like Life In General a lot and I do not like very much their earlier stuff, so, this EP did not impress me a lot. In fact this record has 9 song, it is about 18 minutes long and if you liked the songs that Mxpx played when they were still at the beginning, you will like this too. Such catchy tunes as Party IIand Lonesome Town are very poppy, in the vein of the Ramones, and in the song The Opposite you can hear an organ that makes the song the most catchy of the whole CD probably. Some other songs like Talk Of the Town or Time Will Tell are short and with screams, and this is the reason why I do not like them a lot: the voice of Mike is good for soft songs, not for pseudo-angry tunes…Talking of the production, it was totally recorded and produced by Mxpx in their hometown Bremerton, and it shows, as the sound is not as clear as on some other records. Also the artwork was completely done D.I.Y., and it is pretty simple in fact: a black skull on a red cover! In the end, if you like first Mxpx, you will probably appreciate this, but if you do like such albums as Slowly going the way of the buffalo or The Ever Pasing Moment ( that are a bit slower), you may say:ok, this record is good but not their best one.

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by Dave Norman 11/11/2001 0:00:00

This album is hurtin', and so are MxPx...actually they have been for the last 3 years.

by 12/1/2001 0:00:00

good thing you told us about the cover art, fucking idiot.

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