Mustard Plug - Yellow #5

Mustard Plug - Yellow #5




Released: N/A
Label:Hopeless Records
Added: 2012-12-15



Among the bands that helped create the third wave of ska core, I am pretty sure Mustrad Plug did a very good job, with such record as Pray For Mojo among others. Well, this band of six mad guys is back with a newer record on Hopeless, 11 songs of pure ska core rhythms; mixing all together a great number of influences, from ska to punk to rock'n'roll to hardcore, Mustard Plug create an atmosphere of fun, dance and in general real sickness - as they have those kind of tunes that stick in your ears for days making you go mad and thinking hey I know this song, where did I hear it?. Well you will surely hard it in the Mustard Plug's Yellow#5, I am sure. The horns of Not Enought, the punk-core rhythm of Get It Goin' On, the awesome The Park,with great singalong choruses and the reggae You Want It, We Got It, make this album some of the best example of how ska punk music is still alive and well, and it's not a matter of wave. I bet that a lot of kids will get into ska with this record, while others will return to listen to their old ska core albums put on the shelves thanks to this new album, because it is fresh, rocking, played with a lot of passion and true.Ska core is not dead, on the contrary, like Mustrad Plug says, fuck the trends we still love ska!.Good thing!

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