Mustard Plug - In Black and White

Mustard Plug - In Black and White




Released: 8/23/2007
Formats: CD  LP 
Label:Hopeless Records
Added: 2012-12-15



Release date Sept 11th 2007
Hopeless Records
Track Listing
1. Who Benefits 2. Over the Edge 3. Hit Me! Hit Me! 4. Time To Wake Up 5. Something New 6. You Can\' t Go Back 7. Life is Too Short 8. Copasetic 9. On and On 10. Tell Me 11. Puddle of Blood 12. Real Rat Bastard 13. What You Say

I am very exsited by this new album "In Black and White" by Mustard Plug. This is the 6th full length album release by Mustard plug in their 16 years as a band. The new album has a great sound with the traditional sound of horns popping lyrics and super fast dance dace sound. In my opinion their style has changed a bit from their previous release but their sound is more like their previous release from years passed. So many of the songs on this album are toe tapping and head bopping that are full of energy and will help brighten your day. There are some amazing songs on this album like Hit Me! Hit Me! which is my personal favorite.

There are a couple of songs that were pretty damn good but I couldn\' t get into like Real Rat Bastard which is more of an anthem rocking song. All in all if you\' re a SKA fan your going to buy this album regardless of what I say because its fucking Mustard Plug. But for those who aren\' t into SKA too much but still appreciate the sound then you too should check this album.

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