Mad Sin - 20 years in Sin Sin

Mad Sin - 20 years in Sin Sin



Released: N/A
Label:I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records
Added: 2012-12-15


  1. Sindicate Deluxe
  2. Rusty Nails
  3. Pigfarm
  4. 50 Miles To Nowhere
  5. Lullaby
  6. F.T.W. I Said One Day...
  7. Ich Kann Nicht Schlafen
  8. Dirty City
  9. Psyclops Carnival
  10. Ride This Torpedo
  11. Crack In The Box
  12. Secret Plan
  13. Viva Le Rock
  14. Intro
  15. Scarred Ol' Heart
  16. 1000 Eyes
  17. Outta My Head
  18. Speak No Evil
  19. Nothing's Allright
  20. Sell Your Soul
  21. Communication Breakdown
  22. Dead Moon
  23. Fuel For Brains
  24. Sin Is The Law
  25. All This And More
  26. I Shot The Sheriff
  27. To Walk The Night
  28. Meat Train At Midnight
  29. Psychotic Night


Mad Sin are a combonation of 6 gutter trash rock and rollers from Berlin who got together and started Mad Sin 20 years ago (1987) in the Eastern Bloc of Germany.

""20 Years in Sin Sin"" is a 2 disk collection of Mad Sin’s best of the best tracks through the years as well as a 2nd disc with Mad Sin playing live in Hollywood CA. I shouldn’t say the one disk is just a ""Best Of"" album since it does have 6 new tracks along with several others being rare B side and unreleased songs so If your not an obsessive collector of Mad Sin then chances are many songs will be new to you. Mad Sin – Pigfarm

There are a total of six new tracks and a few rare b-sides and unreleased songs on the first album out of a total of 14 stuido tracks. The second album includes 16 tracks all of which are live from Hollywood California.

Also if you buy the CD you get one added bonus over buying this on vinyl. There are 2 videos also included with the band playinglive in 2006 at the Germany FOrce Attack festival.

I was introduced to Mad Sin about 2 years ago at a rockabilly show. It was between sets and the guy running the music was playing one of their albums between bands. The album blew away all the bands that were playing the show.

""20 Years in Sin Sin"" is a great complication of the bands best music and a great start to any rockabilly or psychobilly collection for anyone who is just getting into the genera. The album is fast, out of control and will get your blood boiling and pumping. If you are a obsessive collector of rockabilly you will need to grab this album.

# Track Length Lyrics
1 Sindicate Deluxe No
2 Rusty Nails No
3 Pigfarm No
4 50 Miles To Nowhere No
5 Lullaby No
6 F.T.W. I Said One Day... No
7 Ich Kann Nicht Schlafen No
8 Dirty City No
9 Psyclops Carnival No
10 Ride This Torpedo No
11 Crack In The Box No
12 Secret Plan No
13 Viva Le Rock No
14 Intro No
15 Scarred Ol' Heart No
16 1000 Eyes No
17 Outta My Head No
18 Speak No Evil No
19 Nothing's Allright No
20 Sell Your Soul No
21 Communication Breakdown No
22 Dead Moon No
23 Fuel For Brains No
24 Sin Is The Law No
25 All This And More No
26 I Shot The Sheriff No
27 To Walk The Night No
28 Meat Train At Midnight No
29 Psychotic Night No


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