Look directly into the sun - China Pop 2007

Look directly into the sun - China Pop 2007



Released: N/A
Label:Invisible China
Added: 2012-12-15


  1. Close Your Cold Eyes (Snapline)
  2. JaiJung (China MC Brothers)
  3. Mario And Peaches (Caffe In)
  4. Storm Eyes (PK14)
  5. Yellow Cab (China Dub Soundsystem)
  6. Dang (Joyside)
  7. Take Me Home (TooKoo)
  8. What More (Subs)
  9. ShangHai (Hang On The Box)
  10. Song 5 (White)
  11. Love of Sun (Ruins)
  12. Nasty (The Scoff)
  13. Fight Your Apathy (Demerit)
  14. Hold The Line (Queen Sea Big Shark)
  15. Light (Honey Gun)
  16. Chian (Voodoo KungFu)
  17. Panda (Carsick Cars)
  18. We Just Free (Rococ)


While visiting Beijing in 2006 Martin Atkins found a surprisingly large and growing music underground unexpected to be found in China. This compilation is a collection of punk, pop punk and rocks bands he recorded from the area and give you an idea of what type of bands and musicans are available in a communist country.

This compilation has 18 songs by 18 different artists all from Beijing city or surrounding area. The majority of the tracks are inspiring and entertaining with only 2 songs that really didn’t catch me at all; but the majority of these songs are damn tight and just down right rocking.

My personal favorite track is Demerit ""Fight your Apathy"" which is a bad ass dirty anthem punk with a great catchy sound and awesome lyrics (even more awesome coming from a band located in China!).

# Track Length Lyrics
1 Close Your Cold Eyes (Snapline) No
2 JaiJung (China MC Brothers) No
3 Mario And Peaches (Caffe In) No
4 Storm Eyes (PK14) No
5 Yellow Cab (China Dub Soundsystem) No
6 Dang (Joyside) No
7 Take Me Home (TooKoo) No
8 What More (Subs) No
9 ShangHai (Hang On The Box) No
10 Song 5 (White) No
11 Love of Sun (Ruins) No
12 Nasty (The Scoff) No
13 Fight Your Apathy (Demerit) No
14 Hold The Line (Queen Sea Big Shark) No
15 Light (Honey Gun) No
16 Chian (Voodoo KungFu) No
17 Panda (Carsick Cars) No
18 We Just Free (Rococ) No


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