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Let Go - Let Go




Released: N/A
Label:The Militia Group
Added: 2012-12-15



Let Go is a new band made by three dudes that are no new at all to the music scene. The first guy is named Jamie Serafini of The Stereo fame; comprised of Woolford, Chris Serafini (bass), and Scott Hessel (drums), Let Go found its origins in the wake of two great indie rock bands, The Stereo, Pollen and Gloritone. So what would you expect from three members of three great bands? A killer disc! That is what you get in fact. Let Go is a record made of twelve power pop tunes that are perfect for your summer vacation, as well as for the all year long time. When I first put the disc in my cd-player, the feeling of sweat came to me throw the stereo: it's not that this band can be pigeon holed in a genre, as they have pop, rock, piano driven songs, but they're not pop punk or emo or indie. They're hyst a group of three friends who play well together with a lot of energy and sense of humour. With the clever hooks and harder-rockin’ sway of ""Spotlights"". The pure, yearning poppiness of ""Bombs Away"" goes joyously off-roading through the dirt trails of your mind, while ‘Somewhere"" showcases a keen melodic sense and soaringly epic vocals. It is this kind of intense and careful songwriting that has always been trademark of Woolford (who also recorded and mixed the album).

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by tmc 7/1/2006 0:00:00

One of the best new albums out there, with just a "haunting" rememberence of the Beatles on No Drugs and Alchol. LOVES IT!!

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