Junction 18 - This Vicious Cycle

Junction 18 - This Vicious Cycle




Released: N/A
Label:Fearless Records
Added: 2012-12-15



Junction 18 is a new band from Boston, Massachusetts.  They are influenced by such bands like Weezer and newer hot bands like Saves The Day and New Found Glory.  I can guarantee that you’ll like these guys if you like those bands. Andy’s (vocalist) lyrics and singing seem much more deeper and fuller than most bands today.  During most songs he sings in a low voice, and during points in the choruses or emotional points he gets it up pretty high.  Sometimes during the verses he belts out one high line of lyrics and then the next line he gets down pretty low.  He has one dynamic range in his ability to sing. Its virtually impossible for me to name the best song off of here because there all good, I don't have a problem with anyone.  Top ones though are Granite Street Knife Fight, Sweet Steps, Dakota, and June And The Ocean.  I have listened to this album over and very since I've gotten it.  Everything about Junction 18 is so structured and tight, everything just fails into place perfectly.  The melodic guitar hooks are awesome.  Songs like June And The Ocean bring different things into the musical landscape by adding an acoustic guitar along with a second distorted guitar to make things interesting. I think these days people are really staring to take notice of Fearless Records and the excellent releases that they have come out with lately.  This is Junction 18’s debut on Fearless, and once again gets me even more excited about Fearless and what they are doing for music today.  This is definitely one of the top debut albums of the year.

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by Dave Norman 11/11/2001 0:00:00

Yeah, everyone thinks this album is really damn good...ummm...I'm gonna have to disagree. I like Weezer and I love Saves The Day, but these guys are mediocre on this record. The singing barely has emotion, only during the choruses of the songs, he hasn't seem to have found his true voice yet, but I dig the guitars, very thick. Only pick this up if you've heard the whole thing, because it isn't all as good as Granite Street Knife Fight.

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