Good Riddance - Split

Good Riddance - Split



Released: N/A
Label:Jade Tree
Added: 2012-12-15



The idea had by the people at Jade Tree is very similar to the one of the guys at BYO Records: the split series are always a nice and good thing to start knowing new bands, maybe just because you buy the Split Album because it has a band you like. The first issue is a meeting of two of the most powerful hardcore bands in the United States:Good Riddance from the West Coast and Kill Your Idols from the East Coast. The first four songs are from the Russ Runkin's band and they totally rock. The first, Judas & The Morning After Pill is opened by some spoken words taken by a movie or something, and the song start very fast and furious. The melodic part of this hard working hardcore band comes after with tunes like Queen & John or Grandstanding From the Cheap Seats, who are very catchy and melodic, and they reminded me of the good times of Ballads From the Revolution. The last song from this Fat band is Strickland vs Washington, which is in the same vein of the latest Sympthons of a Levelling Spirit. The political involvement of Good Riddance can be seen also in these four songs , which were all out-takes from the latest album, and it's easy to listen to this. The latest three songs are from Kill Your Idols, and, even tough their latest record on Side One Dummy was damn good, I guess these three tunes where just leftovers, cuz Chesterfield King and Propagandhi is the one and only good song, while I Told You So and Another Great Start to A Miserable Way are nice but best to forget, but if you are hardcore fans of Kill Your Idols, I bet you will enjoy these tunes as well. I said it again, Jade Tree is an awesome label and I am really glad they started this split series, and I cannot wait to listen to the next split albums, the one with The Alkaline Trio and Hot Water Music and there are already rumors about a Sick Of It All/Dillinger Four their issue.|

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