Giving Chase - A Cheap Print Of A Masterpiece

Giving Chase - A Cheap Print Of A Masterpiece



Released: 8/20/2007
Formats: CD 
Label:Rise Or Rust Records
Added: 2012-12-15



After an EP and a seven inch, Giving Chase releases their first proper full album on Jump Start Records. I\' ll tell you that I am quite excited about this band, not just because of their songs I heard randomly on their site, but also because Jump Start is the record label that discovered amazing bands like A Wilhelm Scream and I am quite sure they do an amazing job with Giving Chase, too.

"A Cheap Print Of A Masterpiece" is a very original album, where the five piece is able to fuse old school hardcore punk with more melodic lines, as a cross between Comeback Kid and No Trigger, but with a faster and harder approach. The record does not have a weak point, and when songs as "The Grand Escape" and "While Nero Played" are heard, you really surprise yourself that this band has not become huge yet. Anthemic hardcore parts leave place to more melodic guitar riffs, creating a fusion of hardcore punk that is great if you like bands as A Wilhelm Scream and the likes.

I recommend this record to all the people who want to hear something new and fresh in the hardcore punk community.

1. My Cue
2. Noise Without Signal
3. Acceleration Couch
4. The Grand Escape
5. I Am the Ostrich
6. Clear the Channels
7. Wrecked Angle
8. A Question Of
9. While Nero Played
10. Hollywood DC
11. The Light Reflects
12. Confessional (download MP3)

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