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Drag the river - badatbreakingup-300x296.jpg



Released: 4/5/2009
Formats: CD 
Label:Suburban Home
Added: 2012-12-15



"Bad at Breaking up" is a contemporary rock meets modern country music group. This isn\' t to say the band is all country rock band that plays nothing but country music but instead could be compare to Hank III where the songs seemelssly switch between styles of music not just between songs but within songs. One minute there will be a great tradtioal rock and roll style and then suddenly there is a slide guitar out of no where; and it sounds great!

Yes the album is very country and you are thinking why the hell am I reviewing this right? Well Drag the river has had members from The Descendents/ALL (Karl Alvarez, and Chad), Jon from Armchair Martian and J.J. Nobody from The Nobodys. If thats not a good enough reason then I don\' t know what to tell you.

Drag the River has been a project in the works since 1996 when Chad and Jon first were working on separate country ordinated projects and finally joined together to release Hobo Demo\' s in 2002 followed up in 2002 with Closed, Live at the starlight, It\' s Crazy and You Can\' t live this way in 2007.

This album is full of talented artists that have all been releasing some of the best traditional punk music that has inspired punks though the last 20 years. It\' s great too see that the quality in their music and their abilities have not been tarnished since I last remember hearing them. If you love alternative or modern country like Hank III, Lucero, Whiskey & Co, Whiskeytown or even the past work these guys have done with their punk roots then you need to check out this album.

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