Donots - To Hell With Love

Donots - To Hell With Love



Released: 9/21/2009
Formats: EP 
Added: 2012-12-15



I am quite a sucker for EP\' s, and when they come from a great band I enjoy, I am the most sucker of all. This is the case of the new Donots CD EP, entitled "To Hell With Love", a seven songs EP from the band\' s latest album "Coma Chameleon", which came out last year.

The new EP does not bring new or exclusive material to fans, but it features the seven best tracks on "Coma Chameleon". In fact, after their last album and after releasing two singles ("Break My Stride" and "Stop The Clocks"), Donots decided it was time to take over England. Not for a bad reason.

The new EP features incredibly catchy power pop song, quite different from the band\' s early works, which were more focused on super fast melodies, almost hardcore sometimes (such albums as "Pocketrock" and "Amplify The Good Times" are classics among European kids who grew up in the 90\' s and early 2000\' s); but since the band decided to take a new direction with their album "Got The Noise", which had a more live attitude.

"To Hell With Love" brings The Donots into a new direction: great melodies are still present, but with a more rock attitude, less catchy but more straight. Songs like "Pick Up The Pieces" and "This Is Not A Drill" are simply the most rocking tunes you\' re going to hear from an European band this year. While "Stop The Clocks" is the classic romantic anthem for the hopelessly in love. "Headphones" has got a very melodic beat (I thought Apple could actually use this for their commercials) and the last track, "To Hell With Love" is one of the most dirty punk rock tune of the whole Donots career, I guess: fast, punk-rock and with a straight "fuck-you!" attitude for about a minute and a half of pure rock and roll, with Ingo\' s vocals reigning on anyone\' s parade. That\' s what I like about this band!

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