Donots - The Long Way Home

Donots - The Long Way Home



Released: 7/29/2010
Formats: CD  LP 
Label:Lockjaw Records
Added: 2012-12-15



Have you ever been inspired or influenced by the weather while listening to music? To me, it always happens. When it\' s sunny, Itend to listen to positive, happy and melodic power pop. When it\' s rainy, I tend to listen to darker music. And this is not even a consciouss choice. It just happens. Probably that\' s what happened to me with the latest effort from German punk rockers Donots, which came out in March 2010. It took me quite some listens to get into it, comprehend it and write a proper review. I have been listening to this the day it came out, those were sunny days but it just didn\' t feel appropriate. Now it\' s raining and writing this review. And still, it started to rain after I decided to write these thoughts down. So, the connection slightly came across my mind.

These five men always tried to find someting new with each record they put out, and this time it is no different: the music is quite different from the previous records, the atmospheres it creates are sometimes darker than on the previous power pop punk, the production is different (more polished than on the last couple of albums "Get The Noise" and "Coma Chameleon" for sure), yet, this is the sophomore album the band released independently on their own record label, Solitary Man Records.

"The Long Way Home" is a collection of music that never seems to end, as it shapes itself from pop rock to indie rock to acoustic folk punk, with the music flowing so smoothly that you might be surprised there could be such a stream of sounds. It\' s not a concept album, as far as the band intended, but the sounds are extremely put in their right places, with great attention for every little detail. And the lack of filling parts comes naturally.

In what might become a trend for Donots, just like they did on the previous "Coma-" the album starts with a spoken word introduction to the song "Changes". And it flows on among acoustic guitar ballads ("Let It Go" and "Forever Ends Today"), synth-driven melodies ("Calling") and dirty rotten punk rock reminding me of West Bay Area punx ("Dead Man Walking", which is sung by guitar player Guido).

Lyrically "The Long Way Home" deals with surviving, fighting, being beatend with ease, owning up to nothing, and getting up, or other simpler words: living. And dying, too. I did not understand if there is a light at the end of the tunnel or there\' s just a train coming your way, but that feels alright.

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