Donots - Pocketrock

Donots - Pocketrock



Released: N/A
Label:Burning Heart
Added: 2012-12-15



Lincesed from Gun Records to Burning Heart, which is the new Donots' record label, here comes the latest record from this German pop-punk ( melodic hardcore, label it how you like ) band. I first listened to these five dudes on the latest Cheap Shots BHR compilation, and I asked myself Donots, are they to eat or something?, because their name reminds me of snacks and those crap that your doctor doesn't want you to eat, but who cares? So, it's ok to eat a lot of Donots and listening to a lof of their songs. Because their music is really catchy, melodic and I bet everyone will rememebr their songs by heart after just one listen. Pocketrock has only twelve songs, but they pretty much rock, even tough some of them are four minutes long, this is not the problem, as they are kind of fast and it's hard to notice a song is over and another one is starting. I Quit open the record and it does its job perfectly, with a very catchy chorus, just like the following Whatever Happened to the 80's, that has a very funny lyric. The record has a lot of potential hit single on the radio or TV, as Room With A View, In Too Deep, Radio Days and Today, in which Donots give their best, mixing pop-punk and easy listening guitar riffs. Instead, things to forget are the angry parts, as in the beginning or in the middle of Jaded: the song is super cool, but the parts where the singer is angry and tries to imitate AC/DC's style just do not work. Keep smiling, that's much better. If I had to judge this work in the total, I'd say it is much higher than the average stuff around today, both in the production and in the quality of music, and I would not wonder to hear one of their riffs in a Coke commerical.|

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by Jon 2/25/2002 0:00:00

The Donots are another one of those great relatively unknown Euro bands, that I wish everyone could hear. If you like Forty Winks, Five-O's, Midtown, and have a slight affinity to the 80's pick up one of The Donots releases.

by doo doo 2/28/2002 0:00:00

pretty good band .

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