Donots - Amplify The Good Times

Donots - Amplify The Good Times



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Added: 2012-12-15



Are you tired of the same old crap that is on your Mtv? Are you tired of those crappy pop punk bands that sing about dumping girl and humping moms? Are you looking for some pure and honest rock'n'roll energy? Then you're ready for the Donots! This fieve piece from Germany can be rightly considered by myself not only the best and the most entertaining live band, but they know how to write and sing hell-a-catchy damn good songs. Their previous album Pocketrock was a success: it was filled with hit single that gained a lot of popularity over Europe, plus, Pocketrock was filled with amazing songs. As if this was not enough, the band is putting out their new album Amplify the Good Times, and let me tell you, this is their best album EVER. Not only because it has the best rockin tunes the Donots ever wrote, but you can hear the rock in the blood of these dudes. Every tune is different, every song has something new to show, and every chords and chorus is put in the right place, right there where you would like to hear it. This does not mean this is a simple record or it has something we hear every day, on the contrary, Amplify the Good Times is what I'd call the best collection of rock'n'roll tracks you'll get to hear this year. Why? Go listen to Saccharine Smile, Big Mouth, Lady Luck, the awesome Rollecoaster - my favorite, and then Up Song, with backing vocals from Midtown, or again, Oh Yeah Oh Yeah and Private Angel and you'll hear how this band is rocking: on stage they provide the best performances with Guido and Ingo jumping all aorund and some good passion for rock. Do they sound like pop punk? Who cares? They are rock and they rock. Not only fast and catchy stuff, but also slow songs as That's Armageddon, Friends ( Fucked ), Hours Away and the list goes on with Someone to blame and Worst Friend/Best Enemy. If you then are as lucky as me, you'll get the limited edition version with two bonus tracks Pills & Kisses and Worlds Collide, not to mention, the alternative version of Private Angel and some good packaging. If you are looking for some fresh and young blood that sacrifice in the name of rock'n'roll, get to know the Donots. They are and will be getting bigger and bigger. | carlo@staff.truepunk.

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