Deathcycle - Self titled LP

Deathcycle - Self titled LP



Released: N/A
Added: 2012-12-15


  1. Suicide Seeds
  2. Subber
  3. Security/Slavery
  4. God Grief
  5. Punk is a Joke
  6. O, Say, Can You See?
  7. No RNC in NYC
  8. Take Your Life Back
  9. Angry and Desperate?
  10. Religion is Mind Control
  11. Hypo-Christian
  12. Deathcycle


The Debut release by Deathcycle includes 13 power hungry songs dealing with politics, presonal expierences and all the other social issues we are dealing with these days. Deathcycle have a raw and heavy hardcore sound with a mixture of D beat NYHC fighting Crusty punk rock.

I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this album. The band is fast but you can still hear what they have to say (most of the time) with the quick bursts of chaotic nonsensical lyrics. The band has some brutal songs on this relase like ""Punk is a Joke"" and ""Take back Your Life"" with hard hitting lyrics and a great sound with just a bit of crust and snot added to get the point across.

I wasn’t planning on picking up this album but I was glad I did. I picked it up while in a Swedish grindcore/crust mood and was interested enough to slip this into the mix. I was impressed by this release (From 2006). If you want a fast and honest record that yells at you for doing nothing then grab this LP.

# Track Length Lyrics
1 Suicide Seeds No
2 Subber No
3 Security/Slavery No
4 God Grief No
5 Punk is a Joke No
6 O, Say, Can You See? No
7 No RNC in NYC No
8 Take Your Life Back No
9 Angry and Desperate? No
10 Religion is Mind Control No
11 Hypo-Christian No
12 Deathcycle No


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