Dartz - This Is My Ship

Dartz - This Is My Ship



Released: 11/8/2007
Formats: CD 
Label:Deep Elm Records
Added: 2012-12-15



I wasn\' t expecting much with this album when I first opened the package it came in. I was expecting Hollow Crown to be sub par or a group of angry pissed off kids with too much time on their hands and a big record label pushing them forward.

Thankfully I was very wrong. This is a solid release through and through. Each song is powerful and aggressively emotional but not in a sad little doughbag way so much music seems to be going these days. Their sound is similar to most metalcore bands these days so there is not much that really stands out when it comes to GOOD metalcore. When your in a sea of good bands it\' s very hard to stand out which they do not. If you love metalcore then you will really like these guys, but if your looking for something new that really pushes the metalcore style then you will be let down.

Hollow Crown is a great release by the Architects with a sound and style that is over done which makes it difficult for this talented band to really stand out. The music quality and production levels are great and the bands musical ability without question is amazing but they didn\' t do anything to stand out against the other amazing and talented metalcore bands around these days. But like I said, if you are a fan of metalcore you will really enjoy this album. Or if you are looking for a release to peak your interest in metalcore these guys are a great start.

Sam - Vocals
Ali - Bass
Dan - Drums
Tom - Guitar
Tim - Guitar

Track Listing
1. Early Grave
2. Dethroned
3. Numbers Count for Nothing
4. Follow the Water
5. In Elegance
6. Were All Alone
7. Borrowed Time
8. Every Last Breath
9. One of These Days
10. Dead March
11. Left With a Last Minute
12. Hollow Crown

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