Comeback Kid - Turn It Around

Comeback Kid - Turn It Around



Released: N/A
Label:Facedown Records
Added: 2012-12-15



Inspired by the so called old school hardcore of the 80's, but with an eye out for melody and harmonies, the new album from Comeback Kid is the perfect release for any fan of fast, sincere, positive and honest hardcore music. Turn It Around is a hardcore record that is surely going to leave brethless the listeners. Fronted by Andrew and Jeremy from Figure Four, the band releases 13 punk anthems in the vein of Sick Of It All and Bane: the music is loud, the vocals are clear and strong, the choruses are melodic yet angry, and songs like Die Tonight, Step Ahead and Something Less are real anthems for the new hardcore generation of punk kids. The band is heading in the studio to record a new album, so hopefully we will see a new hardcore masterpiece quite soon.

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by G Unit 3/24/2004 0:00:00

yo, this album is straight gangsta! i really feel these guys are reppin for all us thugs on the block. you know how we do...we just tryin to stay alive out here. these guys know how we be doin, this album is steady thuggin fo real. They true playa pimp gangsta's ya'll. Don't be hatin, nah mean? ye ye, 1 time! reppin the 416, the 905, the 312, the 546, and all the other area codes keepin it real, im out PAYCE

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