Circa Survive - Stylish Nihilists

Circa Survive - Stylish Nihilists



Released: N/A
Label:Revelation Records
Added: 2012-12-15



Formed in 1998, straight out of Louisville,KY, after spending some times in such bands as By The Grace Of God, National Acrobat and The Enkindels, these four guys got together under the name of Christiansen and on October 14th, they will release their Revelation debut LP, entitled Stylish Nihilists. After their EP Forensics Brothers And Sisters!, the band still plays songs that are the hardest to label ever - if you would like to pick a genre for this band, you wouldn't be able. Mixing elements of punk rock, post hardcore, indie and progressive rock and even jazz, Christiansen has such tunes as Jhazz Never Spelled So Good, which could be described as a mix of Fugazi and At the Drive In Style, quite slow, chaotic and noisy, but also more melodic and catchy elements on tracks as Kentucky Goddamn, Cocaine Summer and The Middle Finger, which are songs that totally surprise you, in a way or another. Nevertheless, they have also some faster songs as Dead Celebrities Are Amusing and More Saints Less Musicians, both featuring Daryl Palumbo of GlassJaw on vocals; these tracks have some melodic guitar riffs but also a lot of experimentation all at the same time. In other parts the band could be confused for a post-hardcore or emo band, a bit like it happened with Garrison, but I guess both bands are just rock - and I am so glad Revelation is releasing such artists, among all of the hardcore masterpieces they released this year.

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